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Month: October, 2013

The working homeless

‘this is Australia – and people in Australia with a job earn enough money to pay for shelter, food and basic life necessities.

Unfortunately, that’s no longer the case. The Centre for Policy Development is about to release its latest book, Pushing our Luck, which reports that today in Australia 40% of homeless people have a job.

Insecure work has been growing in Australia for the past 20 years, to the point that today just 60% of Australian workers have a permanent job.’

Side note about the impact of this on politics: ‘The Conservatives don’t lose from this disengagement. It’s the broad, progressive side of politics – which draws its strength from people having hope that a different world is possible – that is disadvantaged. Support for Labor was 13% lower amongst insecure workers as compared to permanent workers. This indicates that the Labor Party is not currently giving insecure workers any hope that it can help provide solutions to their problems.’


Renters screwed over relative to property owners

‘High-income Australians are the overwhelming beneficiaries of government support for housing, a new report has found, turning on its head the popular perception that it is low-income Australians who get the greatest subsidies through rent assistance.
“Only 25 per cent of renters get any support from the government,” says Jane-Frances Kelly the cities program director at the Grattan Institute.
“They get none of the support that home owners get. Even landlords get more.”

“Support for owner-occupied housing used to be roughly even across all income groups. Now the highest-income owners get government support of roughly $8000 per year whereas the lowest income owners get a little over $2000.”‘


An argument for national investment

”’these same future generations reap most of the investment benefits of a more productive economy and higher income levels”. Sound unfair to you?’