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Gas industry myths

Myth 1: the gas industry is a big employer

Myth 2: more CSG will stop gas price rises

Myth 3: CSG could be a low-emission step from coal to renewables


The problem with top-down solutions to climate change – hitting the poorest hardest

Argues that top-down solutions to climate change aren’t the answer because they always just mean hitting the poorest hard:
” But they are even more deadly for workers and communities, because in order to squeeze the same profit margins out of an economy that requires costly inputs, the 1% must make cuts somewhere. And those cuts come in the form of massive layoffs and takeaways, assaults on public institutions like health care, education, pensions, welfare, etc.”
Argues the solution is ‘economic democratisation,’ local community-based models of social and economic organisation. Climate justice

Summary of lies about wind farms

” More than two-thirds of Australian wind farms including more than half of those with large turbines have never received a single complaint. Two whole states – Western Australia and Tasmania – have seen no complaints.

Of the 129 individuals across Australia who have ever complained, 94 (73%) are residents near just six wind farms which have been targeted by anti wind farm groups.”

Almost all (98%) of complainants made their first complaint after 2009 when anti wind farm groups began to add health concerns to their wider opposition. In the preceding years, health or noise complaints were rare despite large and small-turbine wind farms having operated for many years.

Basic outline of responsible taxation ethics

“Citizens should consider the legacy they leave to their children, part of which is the financial debts they will pass down. But another part of our legacy is environmental. It is two-faced to claim to care about the future and then fail to ensure that the country is adequately compensated for the depletion of its resources, or ignore the degradation of the environment. It is even worse to leave our children without adequate infrastructure and the other public investments needed to be competitive in the twenty-first century”

Experiments in decentralised energy

” Tech innovators don’t see the rural poor as a viable market. They don’t put money into inventing better and cheaper ways for very poor people to light their homes, cook or run appliances off the grid. “But because of the things you desire, these things have become reality,” Gaurav said. “LED technology, very efficient batteries and a falling solar panel price have suddenly allowed lights to be delivered to off-grid households at a fraction of the cost.”


Great infographic about the effects of a coal mine