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Coal aggravates poverty, it doesn’t alleviate it

‘COAL DOES NOT alleviate poverty, it aggravates it.’ – because of direct health effects, plus the effects of climate change.

Also because ‘Coal is mired in deep social inequities. Travel to any major coal belt in India and the people living around a coal plant face regular power outages. This cruel irony is explained by the fact that the power generated is often for the cities, the energy guzzlers, while the negative residual impacts of coal are to be borne by those living next to it. The industry is often set up on the pretext of providing jobs, greater compensation for land and adequate rehabilitation and resettlement for displaced communities. None of these promises have ever been satisfied and the coal belts of India stand testimony to that fact.’

Also because ‘Coal and corruption are synonymous.’

‘coal is not the solution but in fact the reason that 300 million odd Indians continue to live in darkness.

:The need of the hour therefore is a decentralised, democratically owned renewable energy deployment to fight energy poverty. Glimpses of its success and reliability are already being felt across the world. Decentralised renewable energy is a safer, cleaner and viable source of energy for the rapidly evolving societies of the coming decades.’


Some oil spill details

e.g. 25 years later, oil is still washing up from the Exxon Valdez spill. And even the best clean up effort can never get more than 10%


Gas industry myths

Myth 1: the gas industry is a big employer

Myth 2: more CSG will stop gas price rises

Myth 3: CSG could be a low-emission step from coal to renewables


Summary of lies about wind farms

” More than two-thirds of Australian wind farms including more than half of those with large turbines have never received a single complaint. Two whole states – Western Australia and Tasmania – have seen no complaints.

Of the 129 individuals across Australia who have ever complained, 94 (73%) are residents near just six wind farms which have been targeted by anti wind farm groups.”

Almost all (98%) of complainants made their first complaint after 2009 when anti wind farm groups began to add health concerns to their wider opposition. In the preceding years, health or noise complaints were rare despite large and small-turbine wind farms having operated for many years.

Experiments in decentralised energy

” Tech innovators don’t see the rural poor as a viable market. They don’t put money into inventing better and cheaper ways for very poor people to light their homes, cook or run appliances off the grid. “But because of the things you desire, these things have become reality,” Gaurav said. “LED technology, very efficient batteries and a falling solar panel price have suddenly allowed lights to be delivered to off-grid households at a fraction of the cost.”