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Colonialism and sexuality

‘Since European contact Aboriginal people, such as myself, have been constructed as “straight”. This cultural default has contributed to the difficulty of proving so-called “real accounts” of sexual and gender diversity of Aboriginal people prior to European contact.

‘The sexual and gender diversity of Aboriginal peoples remains mostly absent in the recordings and interpretations of histories, and these absences reinforce a heterocentric reading of Aboriginal culture.’


Indigenous political representation


“One of the features of a modern democracy is that apart from getting the government we deserve, we’re also supposed to get the government that the majority of us want.

Like Communism, it’s great in theory. But also like Communism, it’s often not so good in practice. At least, it’s not if you happen to be a minority group who has long been denied the right to elect your own leaders.”

“Genuine self determination – where a distinct people choose their own leaders, make their own laws, govern their own lives – never comes easily, nor quickly. It took Australia more than 100 years to even make a dent in it. It is, however, the only solution that has ever worked for nations facing the same problems we face – the displacement and brutalisation of a First Peoples.”